Jessica-Marie and Martin 'Beejay' Wells

Jessica-Marie and Martin 'Beejay' Wells
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Thursday, 13 January 2011

Good news for a change

My sister is now out of intensive care. Apparently they'll move her soon to a hospital nearer where she lives. At least this time she'll remember the ride in the ambulance.

My little one will also be happy this weekend. She'll be back on a horse for the first time since before Christmas.
Last saturday she went to a horse show in Antwerp. Spanish Riding School and their very special horses. When I asked her what was the best thing about it she said the costumes. "They were really glittery and sparkly, Daddy."
Bit like a bloke going to a pole dancing club and coming out saying, "wow, you should have seen how shiny the pole was."
Ah, well.
And I'm happy 'cos she'll be with me this weekend.

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  1. Nice to see some good news! Girls! Glittery and sparkly = good! But... shhh... don't tell anyone I said that! *skulks back into the shadows* :-)