Jessica-Marie and Martin 'Beejay' Wells

Jessica-Marie and Martin 'Beejay' Wells
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Sunday, 5 June 2011

The Mouse and the Elephant

Mouse said to the Elephant,
My dear I love you so.
Let's elope and get married
without letting anyone know.

Well, Elephant she took her time
Indeed time was required
while she thought and thought and finally
to the little Mouse she replied.

There is no other in my life
that I would rather wed
but what happens on the honeymoon
if we can't find a big enough bed

No problem there said little Mouse
we'll sleep beneath the stars
because if we sleep upon bare boards
you'll get splinters in your arse

So in a jungle clearing
they were wed by a one eyed bat
but that night while entwined in 69
Elephant squashed the little Mouse flat.

All say, aaaaaahhhhh.

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